Free games for your computer, phone and tablet. No stupid ads, no nags to pay, just plenty of good old arcade game fun!

To play on a computer, use the arrow keys to move, the space bar to shoot, P to play and Enter to pause. To play on a phone or tablet, tap and swipe the screen. Install the games for a better experience. Read the FAQ for more info.

Help the groundskeeper pick up the leaves, but watch out for the unholy trinity!

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Stop the illegal immigrants from crossing the border!

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Smuggle the migrants across the Mediterranean Sea. Use every space!

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Run the gauntlet with Thai money as your only weapon!

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In space no one can hear you eat. Feed the people, but keep at a distance!

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Colonize the continent by claiming it bit by bit. Look out for the locals!

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Climb the ladders in 1930's Germany!

These games are meant as satire. It is also my way of pushing against political correctness and for free speech. Who am I? A disgruntled programmer who went postal over all snowflake mentality, and who miss the old days when people were more thick skinned, and when stereotypes were the source of great comedy.

Stupid? Offensive? Hilarious? Brave? Boring? Let me know your thoughts.

Plays best on the Google Chrome browser for Android on your smartphone or tablet, but also plays well on a personal computer with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Read the FAQ page for more info.

If you like the games, please consider donating a small amount. Why? So I can make more of them! Who else makes games like this? Or spread the word on social media. "Hey dude, check out what this whacko at has done" is great, but "Can't believe someone is so crude, homophobic and racist that he made games like on Disgusting." has more of a viral character to it.

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